Saturday, April 27, 2013

This girl is on Fi-ya!

After our visit with the infertility doc here in Texas, I've never been more serious about losing weight.

It's not about being thin and looking good in clothes for me; it's about being able to have a baby. If losing 20-30 pounds will put me one step closer to that goal, shame on me for not giving it my all.

To date, I've lost 17 pounds and 18 over-all-body inches. I know, I can't believe it either! I had to reweigh myself twice this morning and take a picture of the scale to make sure my morning eyes weren't deceiving me.

I'm really proud of myself. I've been working out (2-3 long walks with the dogs, running 3 miles, 30 minutes on the elliptical I bought myself when Chris left, sit ups, kettle bells, squats, planks, push ups an ect) and eating clean and paleo. To be honest, the exercise helps, but eating paleo and eating cleaning are the keys to my success.

I, and we as a culture, have been conditioned to eat the way we do. Everything is covered in flour, fried and comes between two pieces of bread and served up with taters. Trust me, giving up gluten, fried food and potatoes is not my idea of living it up in this one life that I have, but it's working! I don't miss that stuff as much anymore and my cravings for it have diminished the deeper into this I get.

I used to be in the mind set of, "what can't I eat!?" But now, i'm like, "What can I try next!"

I managed to stay on track when I visited my Godson for his second birthday (through the airport and a layover from hell thank you very much) and when a friend from the ECCC in FLW visited me. I ordered smart at restaurants (No buns, no fries (or if you are like me and they don't listen, just have your friend pour mustard on 'em), extra veg) and at the birthday party I picked up stuff at the grocery store I could have so I could participate in the party (gluten free buns, gluten free treats, already boiled eggs because when you are visiting with friends who wants to waste time boiling eggs, salads and ect).

Go me! I can almost feel how good those red bottom shoes are going to feel on my tootsies!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Business!

After hosting a trunk show for a girl friend and falling in love with what I got, I decided to start selling it myself!

Never in a million, billion years did I think I would be that military spouse selling something like Stella and Dot. However, crazy economic times and having too much time on your hands during a deployment will do that to ya.

I want to work full time in journalism again but with all the things I have going on back on the East Coast (my  leetle seestors COLLEGE graduation, a joi-sey wedding, my Biffles bridal shower, a hubby coming home from war, a texas staycation to celebrate a successful deployment and me turning, gulp, 28, and my biffles wedding) who is going to hire me now anyway? Once my life calms down in August, i'll really start looking for full time.

But for now, I am enjoying sharing my addiction with my friends and scoring some new stuff!

PLUS I am making a concerted effort into putting myself together these days. I really feel I let myself go after we got married (gaining weight, not caring what I look like cuz I already gots me a man...). With out FIVE year coming up I need to get off this crazy train and check myself before I wreck myself. Now that I am starting to feel better about myself and how i look, 17 lbs off your ass will do that for ya, I am taking the time to put myself together.

Chris will be taking command soon and I want to look more presentable, have more confidence and have people say to themselves, "she's got it goin' onnnnn!"

With that being said, I did my hair and makeup, got dressed and threw on a fab statement necklace and hit the grocery store and I looked fab-u-lous hunny!

Here is to gettin' my grove back!

Insert Shameless Self Promotion here:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chase Turns Two!

Welcome to the world Chase Mark Hoffmann!

I can't believe I am holding something just a few hours old!

The ONE year old!

At one year's old, he hated cake and getting cake on his hands and face...

At two year's old, he housed that cupcake without a care in the world!

I can't believe you are TWO!

I love this lil dude and his momma and poppa for giving me the best gift ever: Being his  Godmother!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Hardest Goodbye

Chris and I have been together for nine years and this year we will be married for five years and I have been doing the Army wife thing for six years so I am used to saying, "see you soon." 

Chris has gone to different countries (Thailand, Korea) and different states (Arizona, New Mexico, The Big Island) for various amounts of time. Before we were married and he had just embarked on this Army journey he would be gone one weekend a month and two weeks a year for National Guard Drills. 

Then he had to spend a few months or weeks at Fort Benning, GA; Fort Lewis, WA; and Fort Leonard Wood, MO. At the time, man, it was tough. I cried, a lot. But it got easier. Not easier to deal with his being gone, easier in the fact that I knew how to fill the time until he came home. 

By the time we got to our first duty station in Hawaii, I was a pro at being separated from him.

However, saying "goodbye" during a deployment is something different. My eyes are filling up as I type this and my stomach hurts.

In a way I am glad we missed the big send off and it was just us in the battalion parking lot at 5:30 am. 

Thank God it was dark because the entire way there, tears were staining my face and my eyes were puffy and red. For whatever reason I wanted to drive and he held my hand the entire drive. Chris isn't an emotional person so I knew him holding my hand meant that he was feeling a barrage of emotions.

When we pulled up I jumped out of the car and popped the trunk and started unloading what I could while he talked to the Rear D commander and another officer who was going with him. I needed to stay busy because I could feel myself about to lose it and I promised myself I would fall apart. I didn't want that to be the last thing he saw before getting in the HUMMVE. I wanted to keep it together until I drove away. I wanted him to see and know that I could be strong and that the only person he had to worry about was himself and that the only thing he had to worry about was coming home, on time, in one piece and the same way I left him in the parking lot at 5:30 am on 18 Feb.

All I can remember from our last embrace was the shutter I could feel in his chest and the trembling I could hear in his voice.

Deployment Goals

Deployments suck no matter how you shake it. 

No one wants to be separated from his or spouse and no amount of un taxed, hazard duty pay or family separation money can fill the void of your loved one being a world away and be working in a hostile and dangerous area.

However, i'm trying to look at this differently. I won't let it own me. I plan on using this time to empower myself, strengthen my marriage and get my shit together.

I promised myself that I would do things that terrify in some way or another during this deployment:

1. Run a Half Marathon (COMPLETED! More on that later)
2. Lose 20 lbs, dr's orders, and get my body ready to make a baby! (So far, i'm down 10 lbs and 6 body inches)
3. Get my hoo-haw, under arms and legs waxed.
4. Buy lingerie, I actually don't own any and I have never bought any, I know, shocker.
5. This one I will announce after I have done it, ya never know who actually reads this....
6. Go Paleo- no dairy, no gluten, no carbs (Been going strong for almost a month).

Time to kick ass and take names!